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Clown and More Silicone mold

Clown and More Silicone mold

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Silicone mold for air dry-clay.

 High-quality mold, easy to use to create your embellishments like, center pieces for your hair bows, decoration, scrapbooks, birthday candles and much more.. The possibilities are endless. 

- Each clay used for illustration purposes might be created using a different combination of molds, or some parts of each clay might be designed manually 

 NOTE: If you use your mold for polymer clay, do not use the same mold for any food products.

 This Silicone Mold cannot be replicated or reproduced. On purchasing this product, you agree to these conditions.


Care Instructions:

1. Clean your molds gently under running water with soap only when dirty to preserve the shiny finish.
2. Do not place molds in the dishwasher - its not safe.
3.  After drying, condition your mold with a dab of baby oil or lotion, cooking oil, or non-stick baking spray. Gently wipe off any excess.
4. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your mold, as they can cause damage.
5. Avoid using your nails or other sharp objects when cleaning or demolding it will damage and scratch the shiny finish.



Image by Manufacture

Finished clay item not included. You are purchasing only the mold.

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