Butterfly Girl Mold  (Molde Menina Borboleta)
Butterfly Girl Mold  (Molde Menina Borboleta)

Butterfly Girl Mold (Molde Menina Borboleta)

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Embrace whimsical crafts with Jessy Biscuit's Butterfly Girl Mold! Perfect for creating enchanting appliqués, delightful keychains, lovely magnets, and unforgettable party favors.

Finished pieces measure approximately 5.5-7cm in height.

Please note: Head is sold separately.

Easy to use and clean.

Note: Not food-safe. Delight your loved ones with your creativity and Jessy Biscuit's charming designs!

 Made in Brazil.

Finished clay item not included. You are purchasing only the mold.

- Each clay used for illustration purposes might be created using a different combination of molds, or some parts of each clay might be designed manually

NOTE: If you use your mold for polymer clay, do not use the same mold for any food products.

This Silicone Mold cannot be replicated or reproduced. On purchasing this product, you agree to these conditions.

Clean your molds gently under running water with soap only when dirty to preserve the shiny finish.

Avoid using your nails or other sharp objects when cleaning or demolding it will damage and scratch the shiny finish.


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